Space Travel Part Six : Psychic Travel

Psychic Travel
Psychic Travel is really outside the realm of any Physics as it involves various methods such as telepathy, remote viewing or astral travel but each of these can be speculatively modeled scientifically.

It may be possible to contact any other mind if all Consciousness in the universe is connected. This is sometimes said to have been indicated by some materialist Intentional theories of Consciousness which controversially claim that our experience of meaning is only possible if all things in the cosmos are physically interconnected, including all minds (to understand something being seen as having a causal relation to it, and perhaps a functional or use connection). This is possible in some theories of universal entanglement.
However empirical ESP research suggests although objective distance is not a limiting factor in telepathy, as would be expected with non-local entanglement, resonance and subjective distance is, suggesting the theory must be more than purely material. The more accord there is between subjects, whether as blood relatives, lovers or close friends, the easier ESP becomes. Given the disconnection of an alien species from Earth life this would make interstellar ESP very weak.

Remote Viewing
This may work if Consciousness is not only interconnected (by whatever model) but also ‘holographic’ in that each part is equivalent to the whole and present in all possible locations. Thus any locality can be seen by a psychic able to tune in to it.

Astral Travel

This may function either by generating an alternative parallel body within some force field, and projecting it either physically at light speed (limiting its range) or more likely through some higher dimension instantaneously. Although it is far more likely to be a rationalizing illusion based on a total perception using something akin to Remote Viewing. In either case if a degree of psychokinesis is similarly extended communication with beings at a target site may be achievable.

Psycho-Physical Travel
This intriguing possibility occurs when a psychic contact transmits information allowing a physical transfer. This could be anything from the generation of a biological being in a laboratory to the creation of a receiver unit for long distance classical or quantum teleportation.


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